We currently are working on a handful of customer projects for various purposes. Most recently in December of 2016,  we launched a brand new oyster and clam farm service vessel, the Samish Pearl.

This 64’ by 20’ vessel was built for Penn Cove Shellfish’s Oyster  and Clam Farm on Samish Island in the north Puget Sound of Washington State. Key design components of this boat that make it highly efficient are the following; hydraulic bow ramp, and a landing craft style deck, a comfortable crew sized wheel house including heat and a head for those cold winter nights.  

The Samish Pearl can handle up to 10-12 tons of product on board while still operating in thin waters. The hydraulic bow ramp allows for crew members to easily on and off board large pieces of equipment such as tractors, quads, and product.  Another key feature on this boat was the installation of a custom scissor lifts for the outboard engines allows the vessel to maintain thrust and operate in shallow thin waters.  

In April of 2016 Everest Marine launched The Harold, a 64’ by 17’ Mussel Farm Service Barge for Penn Cove Shellfish.  The Harold’s equipment on board is specialized and revolutionary in the world of mussel farming for pulling and stripping mussel seed lines for transplanting by our Seed Barge.  It also serves to maintain rafts and moorings on the farm.  Propulsion is provided by our specialized hydraulic thruster with 360° steering.