Everest Marine doesn't merely build a boat or a piece of equipment; we work to help you realize your unique design, propulsion, and fabrication needs. We custom design and engineer to your desires.



          Everest Marine is an industry leader when it comes to providing the marine community with innovative and specialized solutions vessel and equipment. Serving the Pacific Northwest community for more than 30 years, we pride ourselves on our elevated fabrication standards and unequaled reputation for performance and efficiency. Everest Marine doesn’t merely build you a boat or piece of equipment; we work to help you realize your design and functional dream. Whether you need a skiff, a high speed crew boat, a boat for Bristol Bay, a family cruiser, a hunting boat, or a shellfish harvest vessel; Everest Marine will design to meet your needs. Always be delivered on time and on budget.


           Stewart Everest of Everest Marine is a capable and talented engineer. With 28 valuable years of hands-on experience in the work boat and commercial fishing boat building industry, he’s seen it all. Everest began welding and fabrication work on aluminum vessels in 1976 at ALFAB in Edmond's, Washington working with his father Dave Everest, the manager there. In 1978 his father started North Sound Marine, Inc. in Burlington, Washington building aluminum vessels and equipment. For the following three years, Everest welded, hull lay-up, and fabrication work at North Sound, Hydraulic Fisheries Supply in Anacortes, and Munson Marine. Everest returned to North Sound Marine full time as shop foreman in 1982, by 1986 he became president of the corporation, renamed Everest Marine. He ran the company independently until the end of 2002, and in the winter of 2003 Everest Marine partnered with Penn Cove Shellfish LLC as the company’s lead boat and equipment provider.

              During Everest’s time at North Sound, he developed a strong work ethic, received training in welding, fabrication, and design from his father, Dave Everest. Designing and working with aluminum as a supervisor with the NASA and the Apollo Space Flight program in the late 1950’s through 1960’s, Everest Senior was able to pass on his powerful insights to his son. Over the year North Sound Marine has built upwards of 100 vessels of varying sizes and shapes for work boat operators and commercial fisherman all along the Pacific coast, from Alaska to Mexico.

              One of the more notable achievements during his time as the President of North Sound Marine was the development and production of a remarkable new aluminum hull design the Sea Brite. The design was taken from the original east coast wood rum runner, Seabright design of the 1930’s. North Sound Marine engineered changes to the design which allowed for its use in aluminum vessels. Upon completion the new hull provided more displacement capacity and speed than ever thought possible on similar sized vessels. The design became nationally acclaimed and was most recently created as a 42-foot research vessel under a sole source contract through the State of California Dept. of Fish and Game.

              Not only is Everest personable and honest, his ability to listen to a customer’s needs, design for those needs and then interpret and include things not said explicitly allows for him to deliver a vessel beyond a customer’s expectations of design, utility, and lifespan.